Dynamic Network Analysis®

Dynamic Network Analysis® (DNA) links all of our devices to our secure, proprietary network. Providers and caregivers can experience the power of connected fleets and use data to manage oxygen patients with new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

DNA is a proactive solution to reduce instances of COPD readmittance (one day in the hospital is more expensive than a year of oxygen therapy)

The World’s First Smart POC

With our Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA), your portable oxygen device stays connected using the power of the Verizon network. Let us show you how connected devices can take performance and service to the next level.

  • Monitor usage to ensure patients are following proper prescription and consistent usage.
  • Passively monitor equipment for changing conditions (purity, temperature, etc.)
  • Support patients remotely while traveling with cellular connectivity to their device
  • Locate equipment via our online portal for increased recovery rates
  • Remotely check settings, usage, hours and purity to enhance maintenance process
  • Smart technology enables scheduled stops for routine equipment maintenance versus expensive overtime response and equipment downtime