Oxlife Freedom®

Oxlife Freedom

The Oxlife Freedom delivers a smaller 5lb device built on the technology and reliability of the Independence. With patented Energy Smart Technology®, it boasts long battery life and delivers the same robust pulse oxygen dosage as our Independence.

With your Oxlife Freedom POC you will enjoy:

  • Large LCD screen with simple control display
  • Smart battery with long life and quick recharge time
  • Pulse Flow settings of 1 – 5
  • Includes a carry bag for ease of mobility and convenient storage on airplanes and vehicles
  • Vehicle performance with DC power on all settings and the ability to charge on all settings as well.

With DNA Technology, we stay connected to your Oxlife Freedom to ensure it runs optimally.

Most Reliable

We stand by our quality and engineering, offering three-year warranty on our device.

Customer Service

Experience the highest-level service and support with connected devices.

Travel Friendly

Easily portable and FAA approved for all domestic travel