24/7 Solution. Reliable. Durable. Smart Technology.

Complete Solution

  • 24/7 Solution – No Need for Stationary
  • Two Billing Set-up Codes (E1390 & E1392) on One Device
  • Five-year Warranty
  • Quick Set Up in Hospital, Clinic or Home
  • Easy Battery Swap while Unit Is in Operation

DNA Technology®

  • Cellular Connectivity via Verizon Network
  • GPS Pinpoint for Easy Asset Location
  • Remote Portfolio Management
  • Monitor Usage via Online Portal

Superior Product Features

  • Continuous Flow to 3.0 LPM and Twelve Pulse Settings
  • Energy Smart Technology® = Longest Battery Life in Class
  • Polycarbonate Structure with Best-in-class Components

“Thank you to O2 Concepts® for caring and hiring employees who reflect your service orientation. You are filling a need to provide people with compromised breathing the assistance to lead independent lives.”
— Susan S., Care Provider

Better patient outcomes

  • 24/7 single solution  continuous flow up to 3.0 LPM and large pulse dosages up to 6.0 LPM to ensure proper saturation — no need for stationary concentrator
  • Easy set up in hospital or clinic provides convenient and efficient discharge for patients and providers — eliminates home delivery

“Now I am out there living my life. The Oxlife Independence® has given me my freedom back. Now I can go anywhere.”

— John P., Patient