When traveling in a car with your POC, finding the proper space to store the device is important. Whether in the foot area of the passenger seat while traveling alone, behind your seat while driving with passengers or next to you while in the rear seats of the car, be sure to keep the device in a space where the side vents are not blocked and you can easily maneuver it should any buttons need to be pressed. Also, if your device is not right next to you, be sure to keep your cannula from twisting or kinking when you get into or move around in your vehicle.

While you are driving, be sure that your car adapter is plugged in and the external power icon is displayed on-screen before you leave for your destination. Your machine will show bars for how much battery it has left. If the external power icon is not displayed, your POC will run exclusively on battery power.

The DC power cord allows you to power your Oxlife Independence® from your vehicle’s (car, boat, RV) 12/15 volt DC outlet (cigarette lighter) in all settings. You may also operate and charge your device batteries at settings up to 2.0 LPM continuous and 4.0 pulse.